Golden Retriever Pet dog Selfie

€84.00 €56.99

The Golden Retriever is a very famous and widespread pedigree breeding dog. The Golden Retriever is a large, strongly built breed with a dense, water-repellant wavy coat. As a dog with origins in pedigree breeding, and due to its historical popularity, some regional variations have emerged in the breed; therefore, the three subtypes of the Golden Retriever reflect the typical variations in dimensions and coat: the British type, the American type and the Canadian type.
This is men´s best friend and the perfect pet: kind, friendly and confident. With this 24 K gold overlay brass and steel ring you will be always together. This is also the best gift for somebody who has a Golden retriever or who used to have one.

Measures: Ring:4x3x3 cm (In:1.254 x / 1.58 y / 1.165 z)
                  Selfie: 4.4x3x0.5 cm
 The Ring has an inside diameter of 2 cms (Spain size 27, Italy size 27, UK size X 1/2, USA size 11 3/4, France size 67). Besides, its shape is very confortable and it adapts to all fingers; although we recommend you to wear it in your index finger, middle finger, ring finger or little finger depending on your own measures. 
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