Murcian@ Ruby Premium Gold Ring Selfie

€120.00 €80.99

The Murciana Ruby Premium Gold Ring Selfie is made with the finest quality of plated Gold (18K overlay) and finished to perfection (as a mirror). This is an unique design with a red Ruby heart in your Selfie. Have you got a big red shiny heart?. This is the perfect present for special people, with big hearts and a lot of love to give and receive. Besides, Murciana is the real woman from Murcia (south east Spain), a woman with a lot of character, good manners and a loving heart (like our jewellery). Enjoy Murciana now 30% OFF.-
Measures: Ring: 2.76  / 3  / 2.55 cms (In:1.087 x / 1.181 y / 1.006 z)  (SIZE 16)               

   The Ring has an inside diameter of  1.78 cms (Spain size 16, Italy size 16, UK size P, USA size 7 1/2 and France size 56) and is small to medium size. Besides, its shape is very confortable and it adapts to all fingers; although we recommend you to wear it in your index finger, middle finger, ring finger or little finger depending on your own measures. 

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