Selfie with Frame

€114.00 €83.99

Have you imagined your photos in 3D and with a frame incorporated?, well this is the NEW product: Selfie with Frame. You will be able to touch the face of your beloved, friends and family. This is a very elegant and charming design supported by its base and with the frame. Besides, this selfie is in full colour in both sides. Are you ready?; lets enjoy real quality, 3D photos. 

This name is a tribute to David. Due to the recent passing away of David Bowie, My Selfie in 3D calls this selfie: "Starwoman" in reference to "Starman". It is beautiful and a piece of art too.

Measures: 14x10x0.5 cms ( In:4.009 x / 1.969 y / 5.564 z)

Before you pay; click here to send a good photo (and your name and the Selfie you are interested in; for instance:  Selfie with Frame and supported by its base)!:

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