Your Pet´s Selfie

€89.00 €57.99

Turn your Pet´s photos into cool rings in 3D and 24 K gold overlay. Besides, if you want you can also turn them into bangles, necklaces and earrings.

Measures: Ring: 2x2x1.5 cms ( In:0.872 x / 0.592 y / 1.146 z)

                   The Ring has an inside diameter of 1.9 cms (Spain size 20, Italy size 20, UK size S, USA size 9, France size 60). Besides, its shape is very confortable and it adapts to all fingers; although we recommend you to wear it in your index finger, middle finger, ring finger or little finger depending on your own measures. If you want another measure, please send an email to our design team and ask for your inside diameter.

Before you pay; click here to send a good photo of your Pet (and your name and the Selfie you are interested in; for instance: Pet Selfie)!:

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